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Welcome to our site of the beautiful British Shorthair cats!

Our cattery is located in  Florida - the sunshine state , where golden sand and golden sun are perfectly matched with the golden hair of our elite British cats. Golden sand, golden sun, golden Britsh cats - what a wonderful combination! 
And all this is for you in exciting Miami!
 British Shorthair cats - perhaps most unique pets you may ever had. Strong and healthy, beautiful and smart - those amazing cats with plush golden hair already conquered hearts of many kids and adults all over the world. Noble British cats very soft and polite - they are real lords in pet's world. Have one for yourself and your family - cause it a big privilege and you're worthy of it.    
In our cattery we are in love with the precious golden colors of British cats: bright black golden, blue golden, chinchilla colors with emerald eyes, golden color point with blue eyes. 

This is our family cattery: all our cats - are our favorite babies, our "little lions", which we admire day after day. They eat and sleep with us and our children.

They give us their love and just decorate our lives with their presence. We are sure that you will also fall in love with these cats!
And you will understand -  the Golden British cats -are really the best!


We feed our cats with only  the best quality  organic raw meet and professional food with the special vitamin complex. Our babies' menu includes also goat milk, homemede cottage cheese,  cream and quail eggs. That's why our MakShine cats are so beautiful and healthy.


MakShine Cattery  is registered in TICA - the international cat association, the largest genetic system for registering pureblood cats.




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Miami, Florida


Tel:  +1 (360) 556-3489

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