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Something You Must Know...


Some basic information you need to  know;

Our MakShine babies can go home after 12 weeks of age. Every kitten goes home with microchip, vaccination up to date, and a standard Florida's health certificate.

Our babies start to use their litter boxes at 3 weeks old, so they come well litter box and scratchet post trained. We also socialize with our babies from young age so that they would be ready for your hugs and kisses)

WE DON'T SELL OUR KITTENS FOR BREEDING. We want our MakShine babies to stay careless, happy babies forever in their new sweet homes ❤️

Every MakShine kitten must be spayed/neutered at the age of 6 months, that is required by our sale agreement, and confirmation about the surgery must be provided to the breeder.

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